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Passionate, creative foodie with a love of cooking nutritious food & bringing people together over shared desire for a conscious healthy lifestyle

I am a Creative Plant-Powered Chef, Wellness Coach & Inspirational Speaker. As the Chef and founder of ’The Food Alchemist Ibiza’ I transform the best variety that nature has to offer into delicious, flavoursome food, inspiring even the most unconfident cook to bring some nutrition & creativity to their cooking. T

The Food Alchemist Ibiza serves up delicious, nutritious, plant-powered food in a place you can connect and grow with like-minded foodies whilst truly caring for and nourishing your body & soul.

I came alive when she started to learn about food and nutrition and how good it can make you feel! My journey with food has evolved with a lot of curiosity, experimentation and passion for good nutrition and food packed full of flavour! It gives me so much joy to offer nourishing, healthy dishes whilst bringing people together over a shared vision of living conscious, healthy and connected lifestyles.

What we serve is more than just food. It’s energy, it’s love and it’s magic on a plate that inspires your creative, healthy self to flourish.

I cook on yoga retreats and private dining events in Ibiza, becoming fully booked after 2 years of working on the island, all coming from word of mouth recommendations.

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