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Love to share my passion for cooking! Healthy food for body and soul

Food and gastronomy have been my passion since I can remember!

When I was little, I used to sneak into the kitchen, contemplating how food became happiness!

I was born and raised in Latin America, lucky me learning grandmother’s secrets for Peruvian food, how to make the perfect arepa in Colombia, or the amazing pil pil shrimps in Chile!

Living in France was a revelation, discovering flavors and cuisine techniques.

Barcelona has been a blessing with all the Mediterranean vibe, and creating food with Mediterranean soul.

Even though I’ve never been there, I’ve always been fascinated with Thai and Indian food and totally fall in love with curry’s and spices.

I believe in consciousness cooking, using the best seasonal ingredients, Eco friendly and free of additives.

I can adapt the menus for allergies or intolerances, and have a delicious “repertoire” of vegetarian and superfood recipes that would less happy and satisfied even the more eager carnivorous!

If you are new to culinary arts, or simply never gave it a try, I can teach you simple and fast recipes to surprise your loved ones.

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