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My roots on your dinner table

I am a food enthusiast, I was born and raised in Vietnam and moved to The Netherlands to study 11 years ago.

Being away from home and not being able to find much of Vietnamese food, I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

Whilst working as an engineer during the week, I embarked on a food journey that is continuing to these days.

A few years back I set up a food blog that enabled me to share my passion with everyone, and at the same time encouraged me to cook a lot. I also had a column in a local online newspaper in Amsterdam.

In March 2017 I decided to leave my job and I traveled throughout Asia to explore the food scene and I got to taste and discover ingredients I did not know, dishes that were all new to me. It was amazing!

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to move to Barcelona with one idea in mind: feeding its inhabitants with delicious Vietnamese food. My food, my story!

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