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passion, passion, passion

"My name is Massimo Larosa and as a child I followed the example of my family, especially my mother and my grandmother who taught me the passion for the kitchen.

Growing up I was lucky to find great teachers along my path: I learned from Gaetano Trovato elegance and passion for this work, by Antonio Guide the professionalism and discipline, by Nino Di Costanzo the extreme respect of taste and meticulous search for raw materials.

In recent years it has been very important to me experience in IT-Ibiza restaurant, a small temple best Mediterranean cuisine, which further I enriched and formed on respect of taste and freshness in a mix of innovation and tradition.

Curiosity, humility and eat with taste are part of my character, so I want to grow and improve myself forever. In recent years I have done several internships, in particular

at San Domenico, by Arzak, the Celler de Can Roca

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