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I'm extremely passionate about cooking delicious balanced food for people with great seasonal produc

I am a sailor by profession, although during university in England 4 years ago, I discovered my interest in cooking as there was nothing good to eat around me, mainly for myself but it quickly grew popular with my housemates and friends.

Since then have spent a lot of time, money and effort into experimenting and understanding the foundation of cooking by following chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Chefsteps, Heston Blumenthal, Adria brothers, Marco Pierre White and many others perfecting classic traditional recipes from Italian and French cuisine using the best produce in season.

Nowadays I apply my nautical discipline and organisational skills to cooking and have successfully completed multiple jobs in 2016 for high class guests and a multitude of friends and family which have always enjoyed the food. I am the perfect candidate for any position that requires a hardworking, experienced, quick to learn, fun loving team member that’s always willing to learn and take responsibility when called upon.

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