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Chef Anna Giorgia Onnis

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"Simple, innovative and elegant."

The combination of study and passion forms the basis of my work, based on the search for a method of preparing primary materials, trying to modify them as little as possible so that they finally reach the customer's table for a real taste experience. Since my thought is directed towards the care in the choice of the ingredient, which must come from quality raw materials, it cannot but lead me to create a first-rate finished dish. Thanks to the work experience and advanced training I have gained, I have been able to build up a wealth of knowledge in the restaurant field, which today allows me to convey, through my ideas, the essence of who I am. In Milan, I worked with Clini Events, from which I learned the art of creating events and presentations, working with a segment of high-level corporate clients, such as Volvo and Unicredit, in the Isola area and throughout Milan with luxury brands. In Montecarlo, Saint Tropeaz and Geneva I acquired the art of the Private Chef, while working on yachts, in direct contact with clients for long periods, I realised that the relationships of trust that are established are all based on the guarantee of being able to count on the undisputed quality of the food, which can only be obtained by using top quality raw materials. Finally, through experience in various restaurants in areas such as Montecarlo, Imola and London, I acquired skills in organising service and creating menus. After observing and sharing the different working methods during all my training, not forgetting that I was the first customer in the restaurant world, I developed an effective method aimed at each of my customers.

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