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Chef Gianny Banuta

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Professional Chef. Winner Game of Chefs Romania

I'm a professional chef with 23 years of work on my back .

I started at the age of 15 and i work only with the best Chefs in Romania .

In 2017 i win the TV show contest "Chefi la Cutite" (like Top Chef, MasterChef) The Proffesionals

Named Chef of the Year 2017

Excellency Diploma and Medal of Honour for Promoting the Romanian Heritage

Diploma of merit for promoting the gastronomy and founding the National Romanian Culinary Institute in Sibiu

I prefer long term contracts ( 3 - 5 days + )

Some words about me from the President EURO-TOQUES ROMANIA

About Chef Gianny Banuta:

“is one of the most important actors on the Romanian gastronomy stage in the last few years, especially when we talk about modern cooking. His talent, perseverance, and knowledge place him on the highest gastronomy level, becoming a renowned national and international master chef. The social-cultural environment in which he development, helped him from an early stage to understand that cooking is all about tradition and history. He thoroughly built his foundation through hard work, study, and practice, paving his way to modern cooking.

His professional accomplishments convinced the Romanian public opinion to place him on a superior level. This launched him in professional culinary competitions and media. His success introduced him to the most important organisations in the industry: Cultural Association Euro-East Alternative, the best professional chefs’ association in Romania and Euro-Toques, the chefs’ community in Europe. He also became a member of World Association of Chefs’ Societies through A.C.E.E.A., an official member of Euro-Toques International, european organisation founded by the master Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, 1986 through Euro-Toques Romania.

Recently he was selected as one of the best chefs for starting the project “Romanian Culinary Institute” launched in Sibiu 2017. The same year in December, he was named Director of Muntenia, Oltenia and Dobrogea regions in the National Committee for the Culinary Heritage Conservation within A.C.E.E.A. He was involved in the first projects that started on the 1st of February 2018.

In 2017, he won the competition “Game of Chefs” on Antena 1 Romania TV. This grew his fame, often being invited to different social and popular events as Head Chef and Culinary Starred Chef. His competitive spirit greatly enhanced his creativity, gaining remarkable results in the competitions that followed. For example: “Pestele Durabil” Festival, Mamaia 2017; International Gastronomy Festival, Istanbul 2018 where he won two gold medals in the categories “Professional Modern Cooking” and “Fish”.

It is an art to master two important categories, traditional and modern gastronomy, which are different and similar at the same time. He is one of those who succeeded to intertwine them at a professional level, worth following.”

Radu Zarnescu, President of Euro-Toques Romania

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Wählen Sie diese Option für einen privaten Kochkurs in Lucerne und ich stelle Ihnen einen maßgeschneiderten Kochkurs zusammen.


Interaktiv oder demonstrativ kann ich Showcooking-Services in Lucerne anbieten.

Kulinarische Beratung.

Stelle mich als kulinarischen Berater in Lucerne ein, um dir bei deinem Restaurant zu helfen.

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