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Chef Rui Pinheira

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Chef Rui Pinheira

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My three secret ingredients are focus, discipline and creativity.

Are you constantly thinking of how to improve your habits and finally start eating healthy?

Lay back and enjoy!

My menus are made according to your individuality and can be any time adjusted to your personal needs. I want you to have a unique experience and taste the most delicious things that nature brings to our tables. Your highest expectations would be met and unforgettable experiences would be created.

I am from Portugal and I spent my childhood living next to the ocean. As a kid I spent a lot of time cooking with my grandmother. I used to work in different countries around the world. As a chef I am very much concerned about the sustainability. My menus are based on the sustainable products full of color, texture and flavor. I like to work with vegetables and fish. I am able to offer you healthy and tasty menus and of course I will take into consideration your food intolerances and personal food preferences. Cooking is my biggest passion. I use traditional techniques like slow cooking for example. I define my cuisine as local and "farm-to-table". My three most important qualities are being focused, disciplined and creative. I will be happy to cook for you and together we will create unforgettable moments that will allow you to slow down during our hectic times. You and your loved ones would gather around the table and enjoy some unforgettable moments while sharing a dinner, because as we all know : sharing is caring!

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Als privater Chefkoch kann ich Ihnen anbieten:

Persönlicher Chefkoch

Ich kann ein Menü nach Ihren Wünschen zusammenstellen, um es bequem in Ihrem Zuhause in Basel zu genießen. Sag mir einfach, was du willst!

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