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I'm a citizen of the world and love to express myself through my kitchen .

I'm a Colombian, 36 years old and since I was really young I love art and people. That's why, when I finished school, I thought that law would be the perfect career for me, so I started my career and during the whole study time, I was using my passion for cooking as a way of relation with my friends and teachers and, even to make a little extra money, I used to sell sandwiches.

Very rapidly I realised that where I feel the best was not in an office, and so after working 5 years as a lawyer in Human Rights, I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and fall in love immediately with their art and culture. I took the best decision of my life, I I left everything and decided to cook.

So I started my study to become a professional chef at Maussi Sebbes Institut and after that I make an specialisation in Culinary Arts in the IAG Culinary School. From that moment on, now over 12 years, I'm following my dream and I still believe that the best combination of art and people is gastronomy.

After my school, I worked for a couple of months in restaurants in Buenos Aires, but one year after, I came back to my city in Colombia and opened my restaurant with one of my chef friends, which is still one of the best in the city. I also opened a small bistro with my name, where I used to serve french kitchen in an art gallery. I have made amazing experiences and I even participated as one of the chefs for the cooking regional TV channel. I also met amazing chefs, made amazing friends.

5 years ago, I decide to come to Germany to follow my heart and married to a German man. Starting over again have been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. With the passion and the love for cooking I started since 2 years ago my own restaurant inside the American consulate in Frankfurt and my new brand Enamor – magic of the South:

I am always looking for the perfect ingredients, its my passion to help people to make thei special dates unforgateble.

if you are looking for cooking classes, cooking shows or an amzing catering have a look on my page !!! cant wait to cook for you !

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