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Incomparable superb all-around ...the joy is in cooking for others.

My name is Domenico Paesano, but my nickname is Mimi’.

I’m a 29yo professional chef, young but with plenty of experiences.

As a real Neapolitan, I love the tradition and in my receipts you will always find a pinch of old tradition handed down by grandma; and a touch of newness thank to my overseas experience, my creative mind and the devotion for learning new techniques and to meet the finest palates.

I started to work at 13yo, I was commiss chef for 500 seats per day. My greatest accomplishment come at 18yo when I went to Greece and then I started to travel all-around:

Switzerland, Germany, Austra , England, Italy.

All my dreams came true day by day because of the passion and love I share through the kitchen.

I love my roots and everything I’ve learned from my culture gave me the best results and satisfaction during these years, because in each and every dishes of mine, there’s always a bit of my Napoli.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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