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Chef Bernard Chew’s stellar career in the kitchen spans over 30 years, starting his training from the ranks in five-star hotels such as the Meridien Hotel and Hyatt Hotel in Singapore. Growing up in a household with passion for food, Chef Bernard has taken his Singaporean heritage to heart and now shares family secret recipes and dishes in Indonesia through his solely-created concept, Little Singapore by Chef Bernard.

Known for his many talents, Chef Bernard ventured into Music, Lighting Design and Events Production in Singapore and in Indonesia, expanding his creativity into a lucrative lighting business, designing for high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, David Foster, and Steve Blair—the American lighting specialist to artists such as Madonna and Dream Theater, to name a few. He also designed lighting concepts for famous nightclubs in Singapore such as Zouk, also performing as a DJ in many establishments in his hometown.

He transited from his homeland Singapore before settling in Indonesia in 1996. He proudly worked on projects such as the Southeast Asian Games 1997 in Jakarta and another one in Palembang in 2011. From the bustling city of Jakarta, Chef Bernard moved to Bali in 2016 and became partner of another Singaporean restaurant in Jimbaran before opening up a restaurant of his own.

Driven by passion, generosity and willingness to share happiness to everyone around him, Chef Bernard realizes his dream with the creation of Little Singapore. The self-taught chef spends most of his days in developing his brand, using his creative background to originate a fun and vibrant dining atmosphere for his guests.

In over a month, the chef was able to conceptualize and create an exciting menu together with a stand-alone restaurant situated at the heart of Bali. With his eye for design, he created Little Singapore to be a place where people can enjoy delicious and authentic Singaporean food made by a Singaporean for the people of Indonesia.

Tired of the typical neutral and industrial aesthetics found in most restaurants nowadays, Chef Bernard made Little Singapore with bright neon colors matched with vibrant glassware that he hand-picked himself. The lighting, music, and overall look of the place was all conceptualized by Chef Bernard, together with the food development and menu of the restaurant.

At the height of the lockdown in March 2020, Chef Bernard has given away food packages to hospitals and children all over the island for two months. A philanthropist at heart, the passionate chef has made generous donations in times of need during natural calamities in Indonesia.

He has also worked as a “flying chef” for high-end resorts such as Bulgari and Kempinski, where he was commissioned as a private chef for different functions and events. He still continues to create food for high-profile clients while he runs his very-own branded restaurant.

Little Singapore by Chef Bernard is the first of many outlets that the celebrated chef is planning to open. With amazing dishes and secret recipes that tickle the palate, Chef Bernard is sure to expand his business in Indonesia and all over Asia, envisioning a successful franchise of the famous Crab and seafood restaurant known all over the region.

The 51-year-old chef is known as the “Jack of All Trades,” who believes that everything in life should be done with passion, as he has done so for the past four decades of his vibrant career.

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