How to enjoy a private chef at home?

How does it work?


We cook in your home
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We serve each dish
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We clean up before leaving
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Breaking down Take a Chef in 5 steps

A magician never reveals his secrets; but us chefs do.


Share your cravings with us

Highlight the details of your dreamed meal, including date, location and type of cuisine.


Receive menu proposals

Our chefs will design menus based solely on your wants and needs.


Get chatty with your chefs

Don't be shy to exchange some messages with your chefs until your perfect menu is ready! We have an internal chat available to you.


Book your experience

Once you are happy with your choice, secure your private chef experience by submitting your payment.



All there is left to do is counting down the days till your culinary experience begins!

Book your experience!

Now that you understand what goes down behind the scenes, what is stopping you from enjoying the experience?

Chef performing a private chef service at home

I know what you may be thinking; what about...

We invite you to visit our FAQs, But in the meantime, here are a couple good questions you may be wondering about.


Pairing drinks with food is typically a matter of personal taste, therefore our chefs’ proposals do not usually include a drink suggestion. That being said, if you want to include wine, feel free to request it and your chef will surely add it as part of your proposal.

Children's Menu

For younger guests, our chefs propose two options: they can enjoy the same menu as the adults, with a 50% price reduction, or our chef can craft a simpler menu for them, in which case the price will depend on the specific dishes (never exceeding 50% of the price for adults). This is true only for children under 12.

Number of guests

You may have noticed you have to choose your party size when beginning a request. Don't panic! The number of guests you chose is not set in stone, you simply choose what you believe will be the closest to reality. Once you have selected the chef and menu that you prefer, you can go ahead and select the actual number of guests before wrapping up the booking.

Just remember! For any additional questions you can always check our FAQs or contact us.