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Austrian, Belgian, Czech, French, German & Italian food and bakery

I am a chef / pastry chef / master baker, currently working part-time at a Belgian Brasserie and a French Bistro in Central Tokyo. I do Austrian, Belgian, Czech, French, German and Italian cuisine & bakery. I am all about authenticity. I do not care for dishes, nor pastries nor cakes that aren't authentic. I have lived and worked in the countries whose dishes I prepare and know how they are supposed to taste in their places of origin and that is how I prepare them. Much of what I do is not usually available in Japan at all. Where can you get an original Austrian Apfelstrudel in Japan, or Czech dumplings, an Alsatian Kouglof, a Rhenian Sour Roast, German sourdough bread or proper Italian gnocchi that don't resemble chewing gum but will melt in your mouth?

ATTENTION: I specialise in European cuisine. I will NOT accept requests for an exclusively Chinese, Japanese or Mexican (etc etc) menu !!!

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