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My intention is to create vibrant life force foods that heal from within

For over 20 years I have been studding and practicing an healthy diet.

I have a lot of experience working as a special diets chef in retreat centers and giving courses and workshops .

Healing Nutrition is my passion and I'm happy to share it with you!

In my childhood there was great variety and quality in food and very early the healthy diet, vegetarian and macrobiotic were already present.

What I cook is the creative expression of what I learned from the places I went, from the people I met, from my spiritual journey, from my own relationship with Life. A conscious, fresh, light food, rich in flavors, colors, textures ... to enjoy with all the senses, in which the whatchwords are Health and Pleasure.

I see food as one of the fundamental pillars of health and this awareness is always present in my work. I do not believe in a universal diet, but rather that everyone can "listen" to their body to know what is the right Food Medicine .

My services

As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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