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Chef Davina Pickering
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Half English half Finnish. Originally from London & have been based in Thailand for the past 15 years

Truly passionate about food, 20 years of experience in the industry. I graduated as a pastry chef in 1999 in London, relocated to Bangkok in 2005 which is where I am currently based. For the past 10 years, I have moved into the savoury side of the kitchen & now balance both pastry/savoury into my field.

In 2017 I launched Bangkok Supper Club - a unique home from home luxury 6 course with free flow dining experience which was featured in the New York Times. Along with immersing my knowledge into setting up education/training workshops (inhouse & for the public - kids/adults). I have been the tool to market & organize a large number of media events which have included demos/ presenting brands/ products for tv & media platforms with ease. Am specialized in being the creative brain behind many brands for a selection of needs which include the creation of new menu/dish/ product research & development.

I have had the experience as a live-in private chef for Bangkok Acupuncture Retreat where I provided nourishing healthy food 24/7 for individuals that were fighting with immense disharmonies along with cancer & diabetes where the food I created was there to aid in the natural healing process. Now more than ever it important to be connected to a balanced healthy way of nourishing the body & to infuse this with a farm to table, food sustainability concept & am myself moving into the plant-based way of living.

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Reviews about Davina

Chef Davina is just fabulous! She was very patient and kind to my 7 year old daughter. The food was just as amazing!

Jenn Villalobos - May 30 2020

5/ 5

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