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Chef Amani Hayer

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A highly motivated and driven Culinary enthusiast.

I have been in kitchens my whole life and would watch and attempt to cook with my mom, dad and grandma. At a young age my mom began to teach me everything she knew and by 18 I was hosting family dinners of over 20 people. From these dinners my relatives, and friends of relatives, began to hire me for personal events, which is where my passion became stronger.

My experience consists of private events for 10 years, doing meal prep for individuals and families for 6 years and restaurant service as a line cook for 2 years in various high end restaurants. This has helped me develop a wide range of cooking styles and appreciate many different types of culinary such as asian, italian, greek and of course I have a great knowledge of cooking indian food as my mom and grandmothers have passed down their recipes.

Im constantly studying and trying to learn new recipes and dishes as its my passion and I enjoy having others enjoy my meals.

I have been studying and learning about PCOS and creating meal plans for an insulin resistance diet to help women lose weight, fight inflammation and help balance hormones.

Mes services

En tant que Chef professionnel, j'offre les services suivants

Chef à domicile

Je peux créer un menu adapté à vos préférences à savourer directement chez vous à Surrey. Dites-moi ce que vous cherchez !


Je peux exercer les fonctions d'un chef professionnel à Surrey en fournissant des services traiteur pour des mariages, anniversaires, évènements professionnels, etc.

Chef à temps plein

Profitez d'un chef privé à Surrey pendant vos vacances.

Provision hebdomadaire de Tupperwares

Menus sains hebdomadaires à Surrey préparés chez vous ou livrés une fois par semaine.

Réserver votre expérience avec Amani

Précisez le détail de vos demandes et nos Chefs vous enverront un menu personnalisé.

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