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Chef Jave Russell

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I am an ambitious, trustworthy, and passionate individual that loves to cook.

. I had a passion for food and cooking from since I was 11 years old. Whenever I felt stressed or had a long day I will go in the kitchen to cook up some savoury food because its my peacemaker and my happy place. During university I started to cook a lot and ended up posting the food that iIl cooked on social media (Snapchat & Instagram). People always used to comment on how good the food looks and how they wish they could've had some right now, and then eventually people started to try my food commented on how good it tastes. That inspired me to take cooking to a whole other level where I started an instagram page called 'javesdelights' and started posting pictures of the food I made which then led to opening my own business called 'Jave's Delight's' which had catered mainly to Caribbean university students who were craving home cooked Caribbean food or for those who couldn't cook for themselves. When I cook I never follow other peoples recipes, I cook with my own taste. A Natural.

Mes services

En tant que Chef professionnel, j'offre les services suivants

Chef à domicile

Je peux créer un menu adapté à vos préférences à savourer directement chez vous à Toronto. Dites-moi ce que vous cherchez !


Je peux exercer les fonctions d'un chef professionnel à Toronto en fournissant des services traiteur pour des mariages, anniversaires, évènements professionnels, etc.

Provision hebdomadaire de Tupperwares

Menus sains hebdomadaires à Toronto préparés chez vous ou livrés une fois par semaine.

Réserver votre expérience avec Jave

Précisez le détail de vos demandes et nos Chefs vous enverront un menu personnalisé.

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