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Chef Marcy Schacter

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A culinary enthusiast with a passion for nutritious yet delicious food that is unique and TASTES GREAT!

MAKE HEALTHY TASTE GREAT- MEAL PLANNING & RECIPES·is my brand and I'm about to launch an online cooking class platform in addition to several e-books with collections of some of my very popular recipes. I am also a former manager for Thermomix in Vancouver and have gleaned much knowledge in the past two years and increased my skills in ethnic cuisines and gluten free and Vegan baking and menus that help heal the body.,

As a chef and wellness advocate for over 25 years I have found simple affordable solutions to keep us healthy, lose unwanted pounds and yet make the experience pleasant without feeling deprivaed when it comes to flavor or satiety. I make it easy to create nutritious meals that are specifically designed to reduce sugar consumption, lower your carb count and reduce food sensitivity and inflammation. As I am a passionate foodie I know how often people say they don’t want to sacrifice flavor and want to enjoy eating healthier diets but admit " if it is not enjoyable they do not find it to be sustainable. It is so much fun to create menus that tantalizing the taste-buds on every level!

I am also working with a team of Social Entrepreneurs with Evolv Health a Social Business that has been making a huge impact on the health of tens of thousands of people and in the past 3 years our Social Enterprise “Buy 1 Nourish 2 “ has triggered whole food donations of over 21 million servings to children suffering from malnutrition around the globe. Currently we are working to bring opportunities through various partner organization to children right here in North America.

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Chef à domicile

Je peux créer un menu adapté à vos préférences à savourer directement chez vous à Vancouver. Dites-moi ce que vous cherchez !

Chef à temps plein

Profitez d'un chef privé à Vancouver pendant vos vacances.

Cours de cuisine à domicile

Sélectionnez l'option de cours de cuisine à Vancouver et je créerai un cours fait sur-mesure pour vous.

Show de cuisine

Participatif ou démonstratif, engagez mes service de showcooking à Vancouver.

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