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I am fun, professional and will cater to your every food desire

I have more 10 years experience in fine dinning, corporate and small restaurants. I have worked at Hawksworth (#2 fine dinning in canada) for 3 years completing all stations from catering, private chef to chef de tournant. have been working seasonal for the past 2 years, spent last summer at Clayoquot wilderness resort was incharge of the daily features, which consists of handmade noodle dishes, Soups and flatbreads. In the winter I work at Mike Wiegeles Helicopter skiing lodge were I create different dishes everyday. this summer i was in haida gwaii working as a private chef for the Queen charlotte lodge. I have volunteered at different Farms, livestock farms, and seaweed harvesters around BC during the covid lockdown to learn more about food and were it comes from.

I am Filipino but born and raised in Papua New Guinea and recently a Canadian citizen. I have been obsessed with cooking since I was a young boy growing up baking in my parents little bakery and making extra money on the side in high school doing catering. I always try to learn new thing especially if it involves food, its origins and different technique.

Mes services

En tant que Chef professionnel, j'offre les services suivants

Chef à domicile

Je peux créer un menu adapté à vos préférences à savourer directement chez vous à Tofino. Dites-moi ce que vous cherchez !

Cours de cuisine à domicile

Sélectionnez l'option de cours de cuisine à Tofino et je créerai un cours fait sur-mesure pour vous.

Show de cuisine

Participatif ou démonstratif, engagez mes service de showcooking à Tofino.

Conseils culinaires

Engagez-moi en tant que consultant gastronomique à Tofino, pour vous aider dans votre restaurant.

Réserver votre expérience avec Nathan

Précisez le détail de vos demandes et nos Chefs vous enverront un menu personnalisé.

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