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A culinary nomad always trying to find new ideas.

I have been a chef for 15 years with 10 years in restaurants and the last 5 years mainly as a private chef.

My professional career began in Bristol where I was trained by 2 brothers Edgar & Jojo Davids (head chef and sushi chef) for 10 weeks before taking over as head chef. I spent 2 years there learning all the way with a part crew of Japanese part time chefs who guided my taste buds in the right direction. I spent another. 2 years in London as a head chef of 2 restaurants before taking a step back and moving to Nobu a much larger operation for 2 years culminating in 4 months in St Moritz which opened my eyes to different opportunites.

I returned to London to expand my repatoire working in a number of restaurants and agencies over the next few years learning many new things along the way.

Eventually I ended up back in Switzerland, Verbier for my first season working for a high end chalet company. I have spent the last 6 winters there work freelance for the last 3 years with my own private clients and making sushi in a restaurant part time when possible. During summers I have worked in private villa's, opening a Zurich restaurant and the past 3 years on a 90 metre Yacht with 2 years as head chef cooking for up to 38 guests and 45 crew.

I am currently on a culinary tour of Asia including Japan, Singapore, Hong-kong, Thailand and Cambodia.

Mes services

En tant que Chef professionnel, j'offre les services suivants

Chef à domicile

Je peux créer un menu adapté à vos préférences à savourer directement chez vous à Bagnes. Dites-moi ce que vous cherchez !


Je peux exercer les fonctions d'un chef professionnel à Bagnes en fournissant des services traiteur pour des mariages, anniversaires, évènements professionnels, etc.

Cours de cuisine à domicile

Sélectionnez l'option de cours de cuisine à Bagnes et je créerai un cours fait sur-mesure pour vous.

Conseils culinaires

Engagez-moi en tant que consultant gastronomique à Bagnes, pour vous aider dans votre restaurant.

Réserver votre expérience avec Jean-Paul Oliver Jean-Paul

Précisez le détail de vos demandes et nos Chefs vous enverront un menu personnalisé.

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