What should I expect?

You are about to take the first steps towards booking your Private Chef experience with us! Just to give you and idea, these are:


Highlight the details of your dreamed meal, including date, location and type of cuisine.

Pick and Choose

You will receive menu proposals from our chefs! Browse their profiles, chat with them, and get picky!


All there is left to do is counting down the days till your culinary experience begins!

One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around

Cooking for someone is without a doubt a form of demonstrating care. Receiving the gift of a private chef experience means that somebody out there wanted you to feel loved, taken care off, and feel special!

Enjoy this opportunity as it comes, embrace it as your chance to be pampered, enjoy amazing food, and at the same time feel like your home is the best place to be for that one night! What are you waiting for? You deserve this.

One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (1)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (2)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (3)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (4)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (1)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (2)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (3)
One of the most thoughtful and original gifts around (4)

Frequently asked questions

There's no place for doubts at your dinner table.

Take a Chef offers chefs with diverse backgrounds, experiences, specialities, and services. With over 40,000 chefs to choose from, there's someone for every taste. Based on each chef's profile and conversation, you decide who your perfect match is.
Enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience without leaving the comfort of your home! Whether it's a dinner with friends, a romantic night in, or a family reunion, this experience is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Win the title of "the best host" while getting pampered and enjoying the night. Shopping, cooking, setting the table, and cleaning up afterwards are all taken care of for you.
  • Menu design
  • Transportation
  • Ingredient cost
  • Ingredients
  • Preparations and table service
  • Cleanup

Any additional service (drinks, service staff, tableware) will be billed separately.

  • Menu design
  • Sourcing of ingredients
  • Preparation of the dishes at the diner's home (it can include preparing a mise en place for menus that require long preparations).
  • Table service
  • Cleanup

The cost of ingredients and any additional services (such as drinks, extra waitstaff, tableware, etc.) will be invoiced separately.

As soon as you land on our site, you'll see a big "begin" button. Clicking this starts your journey to customise your Private Chef experience. We'll ask for details about your event, like location, date, and food preferences. After you give us this info, local chefs will offer you menus that match your needs. Remember, you can tweak things with your chef anytime! Once you pick your favourite chef, just relax and look forward to the event.

Just so you know, we will share your contact information with the chef once you confirm a booking, allowing you both to stay in touch. Meanwhile, we will hold the payment to the chef until the experience is over to protect you from any last-minute cancellations or misunderstandings.

You will have access to the profiles of all the chefs interested in serving you. You are welcome to browse their biographies, culinary photo galleries, and, of course, reviews from previous guests. Use this information to choose the right chef for you. It's hard to think of a better judge for what you crave than yourself!
Of course you can! You are welcome to have an internal chat with each of your prospective chefs. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need.
In the unlikely event that this happens, please don't worry! We will either provide you with a full refund or assist you in finding a new chef and a similar menu to your original request, based on your preferences. For more detailed information, please refer to our cancellation policy.
Customer reviews are crucial for Take a Chef as they provide objective feedback from our guests about the chef. Reviews also assist future customers in selecting the most suitable chef for their event. The day after the experience, the customer will receive a feedback survey to evaluate the chef. All reviews will be made public to help the chef showcase their talent and improve their skills.

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