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Chef Eric Stevens

Private Chef In București

Chef Eric Stevens

Get to know me better

I enjoy playing with food, adept at everything from Classical French to Contemporary Vegan.

⦁ A diverse repertoire including French Italian, Asian, Mexican, Latin, kosher, Pacific Fusion, macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan.

⦁ Innovation in recipes: either in inventing new ones or in revitalising current ones. My recipes, now numbering roughly 1200, are often the most in demand on menus

⦁ Experience in handling large banquets for ambassadors, VIPs and large social occasions such as weddings

⦁ Guidance to those needing to follow a special diet for health reasons. I make it a point to make even restrictive diets appealing and something to look forward to

⦁ Instruction in cooking

⦁ Extensive business experience in owning, starting up and running restaurants

How I go about it:

⦁ Having excellent all-round knowledge in running restaurants. In the last 10 years, I ran top restaurants in Bucharest where English is not widely spoken and dealt with all aspects of opening restaurants from kitchen design, recruitment, training, day to day running and ensuring that our cooking remained in demand

My services

As a Private Chef, I can offer you:

Personal Chef

Simply tell me what you're craving! I would love to create the perfect menu for your special occasion in București.

Cooking Classes

Because "sharing is caring". I would be happy to teach you all sorts of techniques and recipes in București.

Cooking Show

Interactive or demonstrative, I can provide showcooking services all around București.

Culinary Consultancy

Trust me as a culinary consultant to help you with your concept in București.

Book your experience with Chef Eric

Specify the details of your requests and the chef will send you a custom menu just for you.

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