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Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Hire one of our 14 Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda and personalize your menu, 191 clients in Obshtina Yakoruda have already booked their chef!

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Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Since the first Private Chef that joined Take a Chef and created a profile in Obshtina Yakoruda in March, 2018, more than 14 Private Chefs have affiliated to our platform in Obshtina Yakoruda and offer their services as Private Chef anywhere in Obshtina Yakoruda.

Starting from 2018, 191 guests have already enjoyed a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda through Take a Chef. Up until today, our chefs have shared 32 customized menu proposals, sending a total of 1528 messages to the guests, who have rated their experience an average score of 4.59 out of 5.

Our guests in Obshtina Yakoruda typically reserve menus of 3 BGN per person, which include 3.58 courses, sharing an average of 4.31 messages with their Private Chef for the personalization of their menu before reserving. Submit your request and find your Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda!

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14 Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda

Meet the top rated Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda

Georgios Dimitriadis-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Georgios Dimitriadis

Paleo Faliro

My name is Georgios Dimitriadis and since I was 13 I remember myself cooking and creating new dishes and flavors. This was my hobby and need for creat... view more

5 (6)
11 services
Giannis Bratsolias-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Giannis Bratsolias


I am private chef. I work like culinary professor at institute in Greece. I am a part of brigade in Presidential Mansion in Greece and I ve been sous... view more

4.5 (7)
10 services
NIKOLAOS MAGGANAS-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Nikolaos Magganas

Ag. Dimitrios

I am a professional Executive Chef with 22 years of experience in five star hotels and fine dinning restaurants. I'm in love and passionate with my jo... view more

5 (5)
6 services
Stavros Psomopoulos-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Stavros Psomopoulos


I am a Professional Chef with 19 years of experience, specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. I provide gastronomical consulting, educational seminars a... view more

3.8 (1)
4 services
Stefan Jordanov Arnaudov-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Stefan Jordanov Arnaudov


I have been a professional chef for 12 years now. I've finished a culinary school. I've worked in large hotels like Hilton, as well as in fine restaur... view more

5 (1)
3 services
Grigorios Apostolou-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Grigorios Apostolou


I am professional chef. I have 4 years experience. I have experience in Japanese cousine, Italian cousine and Greek Fusion Cousine. I have worked 1 ... view more

4.9 (2)
2 services
Murat Ozbay-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Murat Ozbay


CORE QUALIFICATIONS o MSA Professional Culinary Arts Academy o City& Guilds Diploma (Level 2) o The HACCP Certificate o The Certificate Aprroved by T... view more

5 (1)
1 services
Marin Markovic-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Marin Markovic


I started with traditional homemade meals in the family tavern in Dubrovnik, decided to continue my career, became Le cordon bleu graduate chef. I've... view more

5 (1)
1 services
Nikolaos Angelis-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Nikolaos Angelis


I'm a professional chef with more than ten years of experience. I gave up the banking business to dedicate myself to cooking. After having worked n... view more

4 (1)
1 services
Zvonimir Luburic-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Zvonimir Luburic


I am a professional chef with 13 years of experience. I have worked for michelin star restaurants(3*2*1*) in which I've learned a lot in terms of prep... view more

4.8 (1)
1 services
Alexandru Danilescu-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Alexandru Danilescu


I graduated from Horeca School as soon as I finished high school and I was lucky enough to get a job as a cook after only a few months of practice. L... view more

5 (1)
1 services
Ayşegül Erol-Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Ayşegül Erol


Hello, I am 24 years old. I m gruated 2 years gastronomy school after that ı am going to msa . When gruated from msa , working here for intership. And... view more

4.8 (1)
1 services

32 menus personalized by our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda

Every occasion needs a tailored menu, personalize yours!

More than 100 guests have already enjoyed the experience



4.6/ 5



The guests in Obshtina Yakoruda have scored the experience with their Private Chef with a 4.75.



Not only taste counts! The presentation of our Private Chefs dishes has received a 4.72 average score.



The clean up of the kitchen and dining area in Obshtina Yakoruda has been scored with a 4.72 on average.

Food quality


The quality of the menus cooked by our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda received an average score of 4.72.

Take a Chef


The oeverall experience of our guests with Take a Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda has received a score of 4.65!

Food : the food was really awesome, with a great variety of dishes from different regions of Greece. The chef uses local ingredients from various islands which made all the dishes quite special with their own story which was very nice. Even classic dishes (Tzatziki, octopus) were cooked in a very unique way which made them special and delicious. We enjoyed everything from the start. Service: Chef Georgios Dimitriadis communicated very well to organize the dinner, came early to prepare the food and was very easy going, smiling and seemed to enjoy doing it, which is much appreciated. He took the time to tell us his own story, the story of his dishes and to serve us in the best way possible. We recommend him 100%. Thank you very much.

Guillaume Coutant - Jun 04 2018

5/ 5

Chef Ioannis was phenomenal and I would highly recommend him! When we return to Greece we look forward to reaching out to him again for his services. He prepared a fantastic meal for my family for my husband's 40th birthday. We enjoyed every single bite and will remember the evening forever. It truly was one of the best meals we have had. I was blown away by how excellent the food was, his professionalism, and also the attention to detail regarding our menu requests. We are very grateful for the experience and thanks to him, we enjoyed an amazing evening. Thank you very much Chef Ioannis! 5 stars!!!

Annie - Jun 30 2018

5/ 5

Nicos was absolutely a lovely chef, he had the full restaurant experience, but also when we wanted to learn and experience, he was happy to show us and teach us a bit of his secrets. I highly recommend him, both for his professionalism and great tastes, but also of the warm but still discrete attitude he had. I was very much surprised.

Olga Grillova - Jun 05 2018

5/ 5

Ο σεφ ήταν εξαιρετικός μας εξήγησε για το κάθε πιάτο που έφτιαχνε χωρίς να τον ενοχλεί και παρόλο που είχαμε δύο παιδιά στα πόδια του οι μερίδες μεγάλες και χορταστικές τα υλικά φρέσκα τα άνοιξε όλα μπροστά μας από το την παρασκευή των πιάτων μέχρι το σερβίρισμα άψογα σίγουρα θα ήθελα ξανά να δοκιμάσω τον σεφ και σε άλλα πιάτα .Η κουζίνα στο τέλος έμεινε πιο καθαρή από ότι ήταν στην αρχή

Themis Klironomos - Nov 20 2020

5/ 5

Enjoy a Private Chef in the comfort of your own home

Let us know the details of your event and receive tailored menu proposals from our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda.

Key information about Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda

Discover more details about our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda and their services.

42 years

The average age of our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda

62% women

Percentage of Private Chef women in Obshtina Yakoruda.

4 hours

The average wait time from submitting the request and the first menu.


First Private Chef service in Obshtina Yakoruda.

24% of kids

Percentage of Private Chef services with kids in Obshtina Yakoruda.

17 bookings

Maximum number of bookings for a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda by a single client.


Increase in the number of Private Chef bookings in Obshtina Yakoruda in the last year

3 languages

Languages spoken by our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda.


Percentage of guests that hire a Private Chef more than once.

8 days

Average number of days booked for multiple services.

115 pictures

Photos of our Private Chefs uploaded to the platform in Obshtina Yakoruda.

1 days

Average timeframe from the Private Chef request to booking.

How much does a Private Chef cost in Obshtina Yakoruda?

The cost of hiring a Private Chef depends essentially on the number of guests who will be enjoying the experience. On average, for bookings of 2 people, the price of a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda is 177 BGN per person. Between 3 and 6 people, the average price is 120 BGN per person. Between 7 and 12 people, the average price is 93 BGN. For 13 or more people the average price is 93 BGN.

On another hand, each destination is totally different, and seasonality usually makes prices vary considerably. On the following chart you can find the differences on the average pricing charged by our Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda on each particular month of the year.

Discover our Private Chefs

Each Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda is absolutely unique. All of them have professional cooking training and years of experience in all kinds of restaurants. Each one of them has made their own way to becoming a Private Chef. Tell us the details of your event and discover the best Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda who will personalize every detail of your experience.

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the most common questions about Private Chefs in Obshtina Yakoruda.

What does a Private Chef service include in Obshtina Yakoruda?

A Private Chef service includes everything necessary to enjoy the experience, from the customization of a menu to the purchase of ingredients, the mise en place prior to the service, the preparation of the menu at the guests' home, the complete table service, and lastly the set up and cleaning of the kitchen and the spaces used during the experience. Tableware and glassware are not included. Gratuity is entirely up to the guests' discretion.

How much does a Private Chef cost in Obshtina Yakoruda?

The price of a private chef service depends essentially on the number of people. On average, for bookings of 2 people, the price of a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda is 177 BGN per person. Between 3 and 6 people, the average price is 120 BGN per person. Between 7 and 12 people, the average price is 93 BGN. For 13 or more people the average price is 93 BGN. It is important to point out that, depending on the destination, Private Chef reservations may be more or less seasonal and, therefore, the price may fluctuate. This also applies to last minute bookings, where prices may also vary.

How can I hire a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda?

To hire a Private Chef just select a date, number of people, let us know your food preferences and intolerances and share with us a few details about your kitchen. In a matter of a few hours, you will receive four tailor-made menus and will be able to review the chef's profile, reviews and pictures of their dishes. You will also be able to speak directly with each chef through the messaging area on the platform and ask for menu modifications, price changes, and generally discuss any questions you may have. Once you have chosen your favorite chef and menu, you can finalize your reservation on the website. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive the chef's direct contact information to finalize the details.

How can I find a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda?

In Obshtina Yakoruda there are currently 14 Private Chefs available. To find the best chef, you only have to fill in the form and the 4 best local chefs available on the chosen date will send you their menu proposal. You will be able to check in detail their professional profile and choose the chef/proposal you like the most.

What is the maximum amount of people allowed for a Private Chef service?

There is no maximum number of people, although a Private Chef service is usually carried out in a more intimate level along with friends or family, and usually in homes where space is limited. Even though there is no maximum number of people, generally the groups do not exceed 15 people.

Does the Private Chef cook at my house?

A Private Chef always prepares the menu at the client's home, as it is an inherent part of the experience. However, depending on the complexity of the menu, the chef may prepare a mise en place before going to the client's home, as some dishes take several hours to prepare and it would be impossible to execute all the steps at the client's home.

Can I cook along with the Private Chef?

Absolutely! Usually, there are always several food lovers among the diners who take the opportunity to share some time with the chef, learn some tricks in the kitchen and the step-by-step of each of the dishes on the menu. For those diners who really want to get hands on, they can of course join the chef and cook!

Are the ingredients for a Private Chef service fresh?

Every Private Chef gives the utmost importance to the freshness of the ingredients used in their menus. The main difference between a restaurant and a private chef is in the personalized treatment of each diner. The chef personalizes the menu, and based on that menu, makes the necessary purchases to develop the menu chosen by the customers. Therefore, the freshness of the ingredients is one of the key elements of a Private Chef service.

Are drinks included in a Private Chef service?

Drinks are not included by default. However, you can reach an agreement with the chef in order to add drinks as an "extra" to the menu proposal.

How much should I tip a Private Chef in Obshtina Yakoruda?

Each guest can freely decide the tip he/she wishes to give to the chef, as it is up to their discretion. On average, based on the tips given by 191 guests in Obshtina Yakoruda, guests usually tip 14,72% of the total amount to their Private Chef.

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