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Chef Adam Šín

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Perfectionist with affection for detail and food design

I am a professional chef with 10 years experience in the culinary industry. I studied at the school of Hospitality in Český Těšín. I started y culinary way in most famous restaurant Hliněná Bašta with Mediterranean cuisine. After two years I had to continue in my way so I started to work for SOHO+ where I learned fine dining and basic of Asian cuisine. After that I work in Dancing house hotel and later for Salabka restaurant. Few years later I have decided to upgrade my skills in Asian kitchen so I started work for Asian fusion restaurant Jam&Co where I also do catering for famous companies like is Carl Lagerfeld on LG etc. In summer 2018 I had offer help with opening new restaurant in the middle centre of Prague Food Laboratories . Now I am chef for anonymous concept and their new project dive bar Ideas are Bullet proof together with kitchen inspired by South America. On my way I wanted all the time to learn new modern gastronomy styles and techniques so I was in two Micheline Stars restaurant Pure C in Holand for internship. There I saw most perfect team work all of the team, but I also saw disturbing a planty of not just very expensive food and that was very valuable experiences for my culinary way too. Now I always try to use every part from food for my dishes to minimize waste. Also I am not cooking just from expensive raw materials, but I am using ordinary ingredients and trying to transform them to extraordinary with hope that will enjoyment who taste it…

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I can do weddings, birthdays and corporate events in Prague. You name it!

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Trust me as a culinary consultant to help you with your concept in Prague.

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