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Chef Tomáš Levý

Private Chef In Prague

Chef Tomáš Levý

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purposeful, practical, loyal, friendly, communicative

I'm 40 years old chef with rich experience from Czech Republic, Slovakia, German, Espana , Mexico, Danemak, prefer local and quality ingredients.

I prefer home production, cheeses, baked goods, sausages, oils, vinegars and much more ...

I have extensive knowledge with external consultancy for restaurants and private clients.

I was at the birth of the Michelin star restaurant

My services

As a Private Chef, I can offer you:

Personal Chef

Simply tell me what you're craving! I would love to create the perfect menu for your special occasion in Prague.

Cooking Show

Interactive or demonstrative, I can provide showcooking services all around Prague.

Culinary Consultancy

Trust me as a culinary consultant to help you with your concept in Prague.

Book your experience with Chef Tomáš

Specify the details of your requests and the chef will send you a custom menu just for you.

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