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Two Raw Sisters inspire & educate people on how easy, time efficient & cost-effective plant-based foods are through catering, workshops & our recipes

Our idea for Two Raw Sisters was sparked when we were in America studying at a world-renowned raw plant-based culinary school in Los Angeles. We were both very unwell. Rosa had an on-going sporting addiction which involved overtraining and under-eating, as well as having parasites in her gut. Margo had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past 3 years and was at her peak of ill health yet trying to keep up with Rosa (sister rivalry at its finest).

In Rosas training base in LA, we met this amazing woman. The woman with the answers to all of our questions. She asked us if we had ever focused on our gut health. We looked at her blankly and said no, what are you talking about? Within 4 months of focusing on incorporating more plants into our diet we had both conquered our mental and physical health issues. We could not believe the power of food.

Our vision for Two Raw Sisters is to change people’s perceptions on plant-based foods. Getting people to incorporate more plants into their diets to reach their peak of health and wellbeing, like we did. We think a big issue with plant-based eating is a lot of people have a negative perception around it. That it is hard, boring, really expensive and time consuming. They don’t get excited about plants or cooking for themselves because all they know is boring stir-frying, roasting, boiling and steaming.

Two Raw Sisters has evolved into teaching people cooking techniques that will last a lifetime. By ‘raw’ we mean another word for whole-foods, using as minimally processed foods as possible. We focus on minimising the use of nuts, seeds and superfoods, instead we focus on utilising seasonal produce. In turn, making plant-based eating a cost effective, time efficient, easy way of living.

We pride ourselves on having a unique approach to plant-based living. Neither of us are vegan or vegetarian and 90% of our customer base aren’t either. With NZ being such a big meat and dairy orientated country, we feel people know how to cook meat but not fruit and vegetables in a fun, exciting and delicious way. We feel by taking this perspective on ‘healthy eating’ people don’t freak out and it becomes more of a lifestyle than a fade diet.

Basing your meal around plants and then adding your meat, dairy, fish or poultry on the side, if you choose.

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For me, cooking is...

Inspiring and educating people to enjoy plant-based food and live a healthy lifestyle

I learned to cook at...

We both studied at PlantLab, Venice Beach, California. We have self taught through our love & passion for food as well as our own personal experiences

A role model in the kitchen is...

Love Ottolenghi + Deliciously Ella

A cooking secret...

Be flexible & creative with recipes, you can easily substitute ingredients if you don't have them +use produce that is in season

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