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Enjoy the creativity of our our personal chefs in Goa

Having a Personal chef means building a perfect cooking experience. That's why the menu is based entirely on your preferences and that's why finding the right chef for you is so crucial. Throughout the Night, your Personal chef will come home with all the things you have requested to make an amazing meal for you and your guests!

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An innovative dining experience in Goa

Our chef's community has years and years of experience, graduating from the best culinary schools. To see more about their qualifications and experience, you will be able to check their profiles. You'll also have close contact with them to arrange anything that's important dor the special day.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Do you want to try something new in Goa? We have the perfect idea!

Whichever the vision of the night, we've got the best Chef! They'll come around and serve a nice meal for you and your friends. The success of the day will be the highlight of your special day. To start the ride just click on it above!

A Personal Chef experience in Goa

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

We felt really lucky to have Chef Sandeep for 2 days, he made our holiday really special. He is lovely to have around, calm and warm. His food was delicious, perfectly presented and he was very intuitive with our needs and tastes. Would definitely recommend.

Ms. Anna - Dec 20 2019

5/ 5

Rahul’s dishes were very good and we had an incredible experience.

Nimisha Bansal - Aug 06 2021

4.5/ 5

It was simply amazing ????. We had such a lovely evening with Diana as our chef. She met and exceeded our every expectation. She accommodated our food preferences with little hassle and surprised us with incredible details throughout the meal that made the meal special for us all. She had such a good energy and was very lovely throughout the process. Could not recommend her more highly!

Elizabeth Adamson - Sep 21 2020

5/ 5

Chef Sandeep was spectacular on all fronts! He prepared 5 star level meals in beautiful presentations. His explanation and presentation of the dishes were also excellent. We would definitely engage him again.

Catherine - Jan 05 2020

5/ 5

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