Gift a Private Chef experience

A unique experience to be enjoyed in every corner of the world.

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Gift a Private Chef experience

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Three different budgets to personalize your gift.

Experience Pack


Allow your loved ones to discover what it feels (and taste) to enjoy a Private Chef Experience.

7700 INR / guest for

Temptation Pack


Go one step above, and gift a Private Chef Experience with a top-notch chef.

8800 INR / guest for

Exclusive Pack


Gift an outstanding gastronomic experience with a Private Chef, serving up their signature dishes.

9900 INR / guest for

What's the difference?

The diferent budgets options for your gift choice will have an impact on:
  • Chef Profile
  • Type of ingredients
  • Menu complexity

What's included?

Your loved ones will be able to carve the perfect Private Chef Experience for themselves. Have them enjoy an incredible tasting menu with everything that entails: The ingredients, the service and the clean-up.

The lucky recipient will receive a personalized gift card from you with the delicious news.
They will be able to customize all the details of their dreamed meal, including date, location and type of cuisine.
With menu proposals and chef profiles in hand, they will be able to choose their perfect chef and menu.
Their time for a culinary experience like no other awaits.
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With the combination of technology, food knowledge, and love for the hospitality business, we created the only global solution in the market to provide high-quality private chef services at any destination, at any given time.

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