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Passionate, curious and creative food enthusiast.

I'm a 28 year old Filipina, who grew up in a large family, where the kitchen is the most important place of the house. When I was young I used to observe when my grand parents are cooking, including my Mom. I learned through observation and curiosity. Even though I learned cooking at a young age I did not expect that one day I will become a chef. For me cooking is just a hobby, until I realised and felt that it was my calling.

After obtaining my nursing degree, i decided to follow my dream and studied culinary, baking and pastry and obtained my degree.

After an internship at the Sheraton Jakarta in Indonesia, i came back to the Philippines and worked as a personal chef for a German family in Makati City, where i have developed my creativity in the kitchen. Now, I am working as a Sous Chef in a Wine Bar and French Restaurant in Makati.

I also like to travel and an absolute animal lover.

I have uploaded in my profile the samples of the dishes that I have created but I will always be open for any specific requests as I like being unique and creative.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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