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Chef Pairoj Kaoropwongchai

Private Chef In Phuket

Chef Pairoj Kaoropwongchai
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Authentic Thai, The best Thai cooking class in Phuket

I am an experienced chef for Thai Cuisine. I can prepare more than 300 types of dishes. I have extensive experience as a chef at numerous five-star hotels in Thailand and abroad.

In my 30 years experience I have developed the skill of adapting locally available ingredients (of any country) for the making of Thai foods. I speak and write English and Thai, and in addition speak Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin and Bahasa


I has been on a TV Show to teach Thai Cooking in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007 and participated in numerous Food Festivals overseas, like Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia and Bulgaria with outstanding success.

My services

As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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