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Chef Somkid Ketkaew
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Exquisite Thai meal with a radiant, professional chef

Self-made man, Chef Kid was born and raised in the province of Trat located in eastern Thailand. It is no wonder he is the amazing cook he is today, as his mother owned her own local Thai food stall and his father was a fisherman. Still in his childhood he realized he had a passion for food as he spent quality time helping his mother prepare delectable dishes. He then moved to work in restaurants in the beachside city of Pattaya and has been an award-winning chef ever since, heading Thai kitchen and restaurant in a series of 5-star hotels. Guests who book with Chef Kid will enjoy his excellently prepared dishes as well as his good company, both of which make for a memorable experience. Chef Kid also enjoys practicing his English with others and loves to meet people from around the world.

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