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Food Explorer, I love experimenting and creating powerful flavors!

I am a food enthusiast with 3+ years of experience in managing restaurant kitchens. I grew up with great love and appreciation for quality food - thanks to my mother who is an amazing cook! I cooked alongside her since I was nine years old and by the time I finished high school, I knew my life was going to revolve greatly around food.

My idea of food is a soul soothing plate that is packed with flavor, variety and nourishment. The best kind of food, I think, is the one that makes you feel good after eating it. I believe that quality food makes the mind content and heart happy while of course allowing an explosion of flavor and color to entice your senses.

I studied hotel management in India and proceeded to complete my culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America in NY, USA. I worked at the Marriott Hotel as a Sous Chef before moving back to India briefly - where I worked at Boteco, which is a Brazilian restaurant in Mumbai. I moved to Toronto in 2018 and worked at one of Queen West's busiest brunch restaurants - Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen. After this, I have worked in the produce supply chain and in administration. I also am a tour guide and I lead food tours in downtown Toronto for Eating Through TO. My favorite part about guiding these tours is getting to show people new places and watch them experience food that they have not tried before. Seeing their reactions and hearing their opinions and stories is such an educating experience for me!

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