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Creative,but realistic, anywhere in the world a kitchen will remain a kitchen .

I am from the village of Souffelweyersheim, near the town of Strasbourg in Alsace, France. I started my training at the age of 16 years in traditional French bakery under the master Jean-Luc Hubscher.

I began my service in the military,in service I was placed in the kitchen to cook for the high ranking officers, which is where I first develop an interest in cooking. I had a great opportunity to work in Switzerland after completing my service in the French army, and spent two years working in the Geneva Lakes region and in the Swiss Alps in Michelin stared restaurants and 5 stars hotels . I also took an opportunity to work in Ireland when it came up, as I want very much to learn English.

After 2 years one of the chefs I had worked with in Swtizerland offered me the chance to move to the Caribbean to take on an executive position, which I could not pass. The first island I came to was St. Lucia, and fell in love with the people and culture. I enjoyed my position and worked hard to make my post a success. It was because of diligence and work ethics that this same chef having moved to the island of Antigua invited me to work with him there in a similar position. I was familiar with the company’s standards and choose to go.

Antigua became home to me where I work with Sandals group and also own a restaurant, which I subsequently sold. I took on a few management positions for personal growth and career development which I believe along with my commitment to providing quality service makes me a asset to any organization. I continue to observe and follow market trends in the culinary industry, and also studied and certified in hotel and restaurant management. I work hard to make a success of any position that I under take by being hands-on, getting to know the customers, managing my staff in a manner to gain their respect and trust, and keeping within budget without compromising the quality of food.

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