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Born and grown up in Western Greece, at the age of 18 I decided to become a Chef.

I studied in Switzerland obtaining the Diploma in European Culinary Arts & Gourmet Cuisine in 2002.

Thanks to my Chef Patrick Diethelm the passion, the patience and the pride for cooking got arising even more and fine dining cuisine became part of my blood. I realized that cooking was also a matter of working hard if you wanted to get high goals.

In 2005 I worked as a Commis in the I Michelin Star Restaurant Ermitage Hotel am See “Relais & Chateaux”, in Zürich, Switzerland. This experience made improve my technics and get discipline and mature the details in creating new dishes. I was eager for new experiences, new cultures and to discover new ingredients and tastes that would open my mind to new combinations and sensations. Therefore, in 2006 I moved to Spain and I was Chef de Partie in the 5 Stars Restaurant Mas de Torrent “Relais & Chateaux”, in Catalunya and in 2007 Sous Chef in a Boutique Hotel. The variety of the Mediterranean Sea, the Spanish Cuisine with its technics and recipes where very closed to my mother land Greece, and I felt free to express myself with the mixture of the two cultures.

Back to Greece in 2008, I was Chef in Andronis Luxury Suites in Santorini and then until 2011 in a Boutique Hotel in Kefalonia. I was cooking for exclusive private tables and customers and I was sharing with people my love for creation, inspiration, diversion and representing the mixture of culinary culture I had gathered all along.

In 2012 my eager of knowledge made me move to Mallorca where I realized different personal and working projects: from street food to fine dining cuisine. In 2014 I started working in the Restaurant Olivera for Chef Fernando Arellano. Next year, I was part of the team of Zaranda Restaurant and this same year the Restaurant received the second Michelin Star. My professional life changed and myself, too.

Then, I was Sous Chef in the new project of Chef Fernando Arellano: the Baiben Restaurant. 3 years with Fernando Arellano helped me step to the next level I was looking for and my passion for cooking is still growing and expanding.

In this moment I express my creations at Restaurant Oliu as a Chef for Juan Porcel Balaguer. I feel happy to share my ideas, my philosophy and the sensations of the Culinary Art.

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