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I am an enthusiastic and enerrgetic person, always inspired by new ideas, I believe in everything I do and I always try to turn my dreams into reality

I'm Susanna, a 28-year-old Italian chef who loves her job. I cook with since I was 4 years old with the best teachers in the world: my grandmothers and great grandmother. They passed the passion to me and made me learn how to respect the products of my beloved country: Italy. When I understood that I could only be a chef, I signed up for the best chef training school in Italy, ALMA. After this wonderful experience I did a master in NABA of Event Food Design and then I began to work in different michelin star restaurant. Then I worked as a cooking and pastry teacher in a school in my city and after a few years I opened my restaurant in Milan, the ByS Milano. A very nice project of art and food. All my equipment was young and very professional. It was a success.

I, but I am not a person who likes to be content or stand too much in one place, so I sold my part and started my Personal Chef career. 3 years ago I work in Ibiza for the summer and the world's redeemer for the winter and the time I have left free I use it to travel and learn new things. Kitchens, languages ​​and people. I cook any food of Mediterranean origin and I know pretty well the Hindi, Thai and Mexican cuisine. I speak Italian, Spanish and English. I love taking care of my clients and surprising them with my food.

And I am a p

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