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I'm a skilled, independent, professional Italian Cook with great passion for good food and a very creative service to offer you!

I'm a specialized Italian Cook, I always loved to cook, I started to cook since I was child.

When I growed up I learned cooking at school and then I started to work as a cook in Italy and then in Berlin.

I worked in several restourants and Hotels, for last I decided to work directly at home because it is the only way I found to cook my specialities as I whish...

While I was working in several restourants I found that for the most of the people in gastronomy what is important is business, not "quality" but "quantity"...this is when Cooking become Art-less, nothing but a job. Nothing against the thinking of cooking as a job, but for me it is much more...

I always though that Cooking is an art and not a job thats why I found this way of cooking the best way to express my art without restrictions.

What I offer is pretty simple: real, homemade Italian food, freshly prepared for you directly at your home!

What I need is just your home kitchen and the menù that fix better for you!

At the end of the service I will also clean your kitchen for the best of your confort.

Zero efforts for you, you can just sit at the table of your home and enjoy this very creative italian food journery!

In my menu you will find a lot of the classic italian dishes, the most of them are also available in Vegetarian or Vegan style!

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