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Chef Luca Maria Di Biase

Private Chef In St Moritz

Chef Luca Maria Di Biase

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Expression of Love, Cooking with Style

"Known for the perfect balance between everyday Italian Culinary tradition and new world innovation, overcoming geographical and cultural boundaries and creating flavour profiles of dishes based on cross-cultural fusion, recognisable tastes and original ingredients"

I’m the Founder & Executive Chef of Flying Chefs Ibiza.

I’m now also in the winter season in Sankt Moritz, and part of My Flying Chefs Team is also in Tulum & Punta del Este.

My services

As a Private Chef, I can offer you:

Personal Chef

Simply tell me what you're craving! I would love to create the perfect menu for your special occasion in St Moritz.


I can do weddings, birthdays and corporate events in St Moritz. You name it!

Full-time Chef

A longer stay in St Moritz? I'm available for holidays, on a daily basis, and so forth. Just let me know!

Cooking Show

Interactive or demonstrative, I can provide showcooking services all around St Moritz.

Book your experience with Chef Luca Maria

Specify the details of your requests and the chef will send you a custom menu just for you.

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