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I love to serve bright, healthy food which is full of flavour & worldwide influences.

I thrive off developing menu plans to inspire & introduce exciting flavours from around the world but also enjoy the challenge of working with clients in a specific direction.

I first began my life in the culinary world cooking on super yachts. From here I launched my own travel hospitality business, a key element of which was providing a fully catered experience for guests. I have also been an in-house chef in luxury holiday villas around Europe, catered for athletes on road cycling camps, yoga retreats, skiing trips, hiking holidays, private events & dinner parties. These experiences have made me flexible & adaptable to cultural preferences, dietary requirements & matching meals to daily activities.

Having travelled extensively and lived in a number of countries, my style of cooking fuses traditional and modern cooking techniques with European, Middle Eastern and Asian flavours, meat and plant based cooking.

A passion of mine is vegetarian and vegan cuisine, breaking barriers for what is considered meat free eating. Taking an interest in the role of food on our health and caring for my clients wellbeing, I completed a Nutritional Consultancy course to support my delivery of healthy, nutritious food, bright in colours and flavours.

The menus I design for clients are driven by seasonal, local produce & foraged ingredients whilst intertwining unusual flavours & international influences. I have a great appreciation for pure & fresh Mediterranean flavours, the merging of hot & cold elements in Italian cuisine, & the bold flavours from the Middle East & Asia.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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