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Chef Marianella Urdaneta

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Latin chef with mediterranean roots always looking forward to please special requests from clients, turning special dieting into dreamful ocasions

I´m a professional chef, borned in Venezuela, I went to argentina to Culinary School, I stayed there for 5 years working in restaurants, caterings and started private chef experience before leaving, then went to Mexico for 9 years, I had a food cart, worked as a private Chef in Villas, having the same clients over and over for the last 6 years, I have one year living in Spain and I´m looking forward to share my culinary trip around the world and my Italian family table influence with all of my clients. I´ve had many clients with dietary limits, for me it was a gate to creating and inspiration, helping them to enjoy the little pleasures of life, even though they were´nt able to enjoy the way they used to.

I love cooking different meals, thought in the day, always with a mediaterranean spark, and some influences of the places i´ve been to.

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