The finest selection of private chefs


The finest selection of private chefs

Professional chefs

With an extensive academic and professional background, detailed on their profiles.

  • 2 years studies at a culinary school
  • 5 years working as a professional chef
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Curated portfolio

So you can find the right chef for your next dining experience at home.

  • 10 Internal Chef Categories
  • 25 Cuisine Specialties
  • 3 Pricing Segments
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Ongoing training

To help our chefs create personal, meaningful experiences. Consistently.

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Single Service Protocol
  • Multiple Service Protocol
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More than 658232real reviews

Don't just take our word for it! Check how our guests are raving about their private chef experiences.

More than <span>658232</span><span>real reviews</span>
More than <span>658232</span><span>real reviews</span>
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Are you a chef?

Become part of the largest community of culinary talent worldwide.

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Are you a chef? (1)
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Are you a chef? (4)
Are you a chef? (3)
Are you a chef? (6)
Are you a chef? (5)
Are you a chef? (7)
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Frequently asked questions

Because the more you know, the better!

Chefs with all kinds of backgrounds, experience, specialties, and services can be found on Take a Chef! We have 40,000 chefs available to you - there is someone for every taste. It is up to you to decide who is your perfect match based on the profile and conversation you have with each chef.

Well, enjoying an unforgettable culinary experience without leaving the comfort of your home! Whether it is a dinner between friends, a romantic night in, or a family reunion, this experience is sure to exceed your expectations. Win the batch of "the best host" while getting pampered yourself and enjoying the night! Shopping, cooking, setting the table and cleaning-up afterwards are all taken care of for you.

  • Menu design
  • Transportation
  • Ingredients
  • Preparations and Table Service
  • Clean up

Any additional service (drinks, service staff, tableware) will be billed separately.

The moment you arrive at our site you will encounter a big “begin” button. This will be the beginning of your journey towards personalizing your Private Chef experience! We will ask for specific characteristics of your event such as: location, date, cuisine preferences, etc... and once you have provided this info, chefs from your city will send you menus that fit what you are looking for. Nothing is set in stone! You can change details with your chef all throughout. Once you reserve your prefered chef, all there is left to do is wait and enjoy.

Just so you know, we will exchange your contact information with the chef as soon as you confirm a booking so that you both can stay in touch! In the meantime, we will hold the payment to the chef until the experience is over with the intention of protecting you from any last-minute cancellation or misunderstanding.

You will have access to the profiles of all the chefs interested in serving you! You are welcomed to browse their biography, culinary photo gallery, and off course, reviews from previous guests. Use this information to choose the right chef for you! It is hard to think of a better judge for what you crave than yourself.

Of course you can! You have an internal chat with each of your prospect chefs. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need!

It is very unlikely for this to happen, but in case it does, don't worry! We will either refund you fully, or help you find a new chef and menu similar to the one you originally requested - as you prefer. For more detailed information about this subject please jump to our cancellation policy.

Customer reviews are a key aspect for Take a Chef since they allow us to obtain objective information from our guests about the chef. At the same time, reviews help future customers to choose the chef most suitably equipped for their event.The day after the experience, the customer will receive a feedback survey to evaluate the chef. Reviews always go public! These are meant to help the chef showcase their talent, and impove their skills.

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