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Cooking since I was 15

I was born in Barcelona in 1981. At the early age of 16 I started – 1 year - cooking course. After checking that I loved cooking, I started a longer culinary course - 3 years - in ESHOB Barcelona Hotelier School with practice in his different restaurants and theoretical subjects like: gastronomic history, nutrition & diet, human Resources… I got the certified of the school satisfactorily. And then I decided to improve my knowledge and study a food and beverage management master in the prestigious EUHT Sant Pol de mar.

I like to excel myself and get new challenges and stages, being involved in a team work, meticulous and sensitive with the food and the kitchen’s work in general.

I worked in a different kind of restaurants: Michelin Star, traditional food, international cuisine, Luxury Hotels, etc… Around the world.

Since the last years I decide to improve my self more into management operation continue focus as much as we can cooking during all the operation jus to learn more skills into International Market but going on with my passion which is cooking and every time more and more focus to increase business.

Now I really feel myself ready to lead a concept, giving a lot of small personal touches and making a business plan according to the market. Putting together a fine dinning operation and quality with a hotelier point of view.

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