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Chef Maria Theresa De Lima

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Destined to be a chef, I’m passionate, paying attention to every detail in the culinary process is essential in every dish I create.

I am a professional chef with 23 years of broad culinary experience. Graduated in the Philippines Bachelor of Science major in Food Technology. I’m currently based in the United Arabs of Emirates (past 14 years). During my time here I have worked with one of the largest airline catering companies in the world, Emirates, internationally renowned Italian restaurants and am currently with Etihad Airlines as their First Class In-Flight Chef. My passion is food, starting at a very young age of 7, Italian and Filipino food covering all aspects from entree to desserts is my forte, including special dietary requirement. However, my culinary style is more of a fusion. I love exploring new techniques and sampling different cuisines all over the world. Using old school and modern cooking techniques for my creations, I just love everything about food, I should say I was born with pots and pans.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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