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Cooking its my work and my passion

After my experience as a head chef in Theo Randall Zurich, I had a dilemma. I was missing something that's why I sign up on this platform. First of all, because I love new experiences and also because I want to have a close contact with my guests to bring the experience to another level.

I worked in more than 12 different restaurants. From a Japanese restaurant, Spanish traditional till the most Italian traditional passing throw Michelin stars and middle east cuisines.

I discovered my passion whit my family . I was born in a gastronomy family when I was 15 years old I start to help my mother in the family business. After that I was thinking to study business, but after the experience with my mother it was hard to leave the kitchen. So I studied my degree in Cook & Gastronomy.

When I finished, I decided to travel and to develop my skills. I have been traveling and working for three years in Spain, always looking for the best restaurants. At this time I had the luck to work in a Michelin starts like Casa Gerardo or Casino Castel de Peralada and also in some of the best traditional Spanish Restaurants like Lera (best traditional restaurant of the year 2013) or Flanigan ( best traditional restaurant you can find in Mallorca). After this season of my life, I decided to extend my qualifications and to travel to different countries as England, Switzerland and Italy. In England I have the chance to work with Ferran Adria, Kike Dacosta and brothers Roca.

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