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Chef Patricia Benavides

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passionate and perfection in every dish

Patricia Benavides, sushi chef , I was born in a small village of Leon in Spain.

It may sound weird that a Spanish woman makes sushi, but yes, it is me.

I was in a kitchen school for two years, touching service as well, but more the kitchen.

My first work experience as an assistant kitchen(practices) was in 2005 at Restaurant El Ermitaño(Michelin Star),after that I jumped to Balearic Islands, first Palma de Mallorca, then Menorca and finally I arrived to Ibiza.In Mallorca and Menorca I was working in hotels, easy job in cold sections and buffet .

Was in Ibiza where I started to touch the Japanese food.

My first steps with sushi were in Pacha Ibiza Restaurant and my master was and still is the great sushi master Jotta Cunha, he was one of the first chefs who introduced the sushi on the island in 1999.

I was working with him 6-7 summer season and any winter as well….

He taught me everything about Japanese food, from tempuras till how to touch and clean the fish.

I always remember with a big smile on my face the first plates that I sent from the kitchen, he never liked, was a disasters and I had it to repeat many times the same plate till he liked.

One of the winters that I stayed in Ibiza I got a really interesting offer from the Spanish chef Senen Gonzalez,i went with him to Madrid Fusion for make the presentation of his crazy and interesting project called,Mediterranean sushi, made with vegetable sheets that replace the nori seaweed with mediterranean products.

I was with him in his restaurant called Sagartoki in Vitoria (Basque Country) 3 months making videos and pictures for his web page about how to make sushi with the vegetable sheets.Was a really funny time and I was learning a lot of him.Always grateful to have been lucky enough to be able to work with him.

In 2012 after summer season I went to London for work in Novikov Restaurant but with a Big dream called Nobu.

In Novikov I had it one of the worst experiences in my career as a chef, I didn’t speak almost English and the head chef hates me, but thanks to work there,2 years later I got an offer as sushi chef in Zurich, but I will talk later about that.

During my 3 months working in Novikov I was sending cv to Nobu, trying to get a trial, and YES!!I got it!!

Nobu experience was the oposite than Novikov,

There I met really interesting chefs and I was learning a lot, but my London experience didn’t last long and I made my way back home (Ibiza) for work as sushi chef in different places like Destino, Lio,Ibiza Gran Hotel,Km5 and also as freelance chef in villas and boats.

During my last summer in the island I got the offer for work in Zurich as sushi chef in a restaurant called Alice Choo, actually is close and dosent exist any more, but was a very nice year with amazing people and beautiful memories.

After that experience I was jumping in few restaurant in Zurich city, Hato was one of them, till I arrive to Clash Restaurant ,my last place, was short but intense,,,many thanks to all the people that I met there, big love and respect for all of them.

Actually im focus on my own business , private parties, dinners, events…everywhere if you would like to introduce sushi, just write me a mail or give me a call and we can talk about the offers.

Thats a part of my biography and way as chef till now,,,I keep learning everyday

Patricia Benavides

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