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Chef Pieter Plaetinck

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knowledge off many types off cuisines, health focused and love to play with flavors.

My name is Pieter Plaetinck a sporty, healthy international Executive chef.

I am seeking a international executive chef position.

I have been cooking for 18 years on: Yachts, private airplanes, estates, private islands, luxury condominiums and a 5 star hotel.

Personally, I am very health conscious about my lifestyle and with any food preparation

For me the right food and exercise is the key to a healthy long life and above all .it is great when your hobby is your profession.

My education was in French, which is a great base to any kind off cuisine.

I had the luck to work as a corporate chef for a New York Russian Business man for many years.

Through work I have traveled every island off the Caribbean . lived in Japan for 3 years

I have an excellent knowledge about a variety of international cuisines, diets’, pastries and chocolates, serving, wine and management and still I feel that there is so much more to learn about any cuisine.

Experienced banqueting till 400 people

I am co founder from and created Lunch prive around the Geneva area

I am a great team player and know how to drive the team.

My services

As a Private Chef, I can offer you:

Personal Chef

Simply tell me what you're craving! I would love to create the perfect menu for your special occasion in Luins.


I can do weddings, birthdays and corporate events in Luins. You name it!

Cooking Classes

Because "sharing is caring". I would be happy to teach you all sorts of techniques and recipes in Luins.

Tupperware meals

If you are looking for someone to keep your fridge full of incredible meals in Luins, count me in.

Book your experience with Chef Pieter

Specify the details of your requests and the chef will send you a custom menu just for you.

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