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Passionate Italian Chef, professional skills, and 17 years of experience in very High Rated Hotellerie Industries..i love cook.

I'm a Italian Executive and Consultant chef, with 17 years of international experience, I born in a very small town of Italy, in Sermoneta one of the best Medieval Center near to Rome.

I start to observe my parents cooking in special occasion, and i felt connected with the magic of their gesture, and the love that they use to reserve in what they were doing.

Cook for a person it is a very deep and loving gesture.

I start my journey in July of 2ooo in one of the Best culinary accademy in Italy, The Culinary and Hotellerie accademy of Fiuggi, a Internationational Spa and Welness Center, in the heart of Italy, i Got a 5 years Cuisine and Hotellerie management Degree, and i learned all the safety steps to touch any single ingredients, the business management of a professional Kitchen and Hotel, and multiple technical skills in the Culinary World, meanwhile i was studying, i felt the exigency to observe more deeply the Kitchen world, and i enter in the group of the Most beautiful 5 star luxury hotel in Fiuggi, IL GRAND HOTEL PALAZZO DELLA FONTE, and THE BEST WESTERN HOTEL FIUGGI TERME, in those experience i learned how to cook in very Authentic Luxury Hotel Cuisine, with a fantastic team, and amazing executive chefs.

The deep love for my work, push me to understand better even the secret of the real bases of Italian Cuisine, i did several experiences in authentics Italian Restaurant, in different Region, I SETTE CAMINI, IL RISTORO DELLE FATE; LOCANDA PINOCCHIO, DA FRANCESCO BARACCA.

I did my first experience like a Head chef in Very Cozy Hotel in Cori, Hotel Del Colle, with a very seasonal MenĂ¹ and ingredients naturally grow.

In 2007 i reached the door of the Hilton Rome Airport hotel, the most organized Business Hotel in Rome, was a wonderful experience work with a team of 52 international chefs, and learn different International type of Cuisine and Cultural diversity, a the sametime, i did different services in SHERATON HOTEL GROUP.

In 2009 i touched the GRAND HOTEL COURMAISON with his boutique restaurant, with Nicola Ricciardi, as executive chef, the restaurant is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, close near to Chamonix in France, we did a very delicate approach to a fusion Italian and French gourmet Cuisine, was an innovative propose with a nuances of flavors.

My sense of learn in 2011 make move forward, and i start to Love the banqueting services, i reached the Executive Chef positon at CASALI SANTA BRIGIDA, a very beautiful Relais e Chateux close to the Bracciano Castle, in 3 years of operations, we organized successfully 320 weddings and opened a gourmet Restaurant, my operation was the Menu planning and the professional advise, for all the Management Group and the Newlyweds.

In 2012 an Italian Entrepreneur propose me to start a new amazing project in the Middle of one of the best Caribbean Island, e we make his dream beacome true with the VIA VENETO RESTAURANT, in Providenciales, we did a very meticulus reasearch in Italian Food Producers and Based all the Restaurant Business and Cuisine on truly authentic Italian Igredients,

I love learn and i never found the end at the knowledge, i keep taking professional and technical courses, my last 2 was In TRADITIONAL PATISSERIE with the maste Mind MARIO MORRi, and the ARTISAN GELATO, with the professor of Carpigiani university PALMIRO BRUSCHI.

All my experience now are involved in your food experience , with me and our team, hoping that all my steps can help you to create a wonderful and happy memories.

Thank you!

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