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Chef Luigi Mercuri

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Just doing what I love....cook and taste

Graduated in Tourism Economics, I discovered passion for cooking starting to work in the family restaurant in Assisi, named Boccione.

The restaurant was opened in 1983 so I lived admiring my mother's deeds in the kitchen …

Since 2010 with my company Cooksapp I have dedicated myself to private chef services for clients throughout central Italy, mainly in Tuscany, Umbria and Amalfi Coast.

In 2011 my restaurant Boccione, where Cooksapp born, was prized as a Best Pizza for Pizza Italian Academy and in 2012 we were rated as one of best 100 restaurants in our beautiful region, Umbria. I was personally a professional teacher in Bakery and Cooking.

I achieved several degrees around food in particular Chocolate, Cheese, Food Pairing, Champagne, Fish and Mediterranean kitchen.

Currently I work and manage private chef services with my Cooksapp team. Of course I can't manage every single service on my own, so I built a team alligned. with my mission.

At Cooksapp we guarantee the quality and training of professional CHEFs as a result of a long selection process. We monitor their work, the level of menus and the choice of suppliers, as much as possible at KM0.

At Cooksapp we guarantee - through strict quality control - the protection of our guests and the healthiness and genuineness of our dishes.

Our Cooksapp Chefs speak English and meet the high standards required.

We at Cooksapp also evaluate their work and your liking through our customer care service.

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