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Enjoy a unique food with a Private Chef

Enjoy a Personal Chef service that will offer you a delightful dining experience perfect for marking important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. However, no matter which chef you choose, we guarantee that you’re in good hands: all of our chefs have at least a decade of experience.

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An amazing dining experience

All our menus were designed to give you a unique experience, so you can travel the world with your meals without having to leave your home. However, no matter what menu you choose, you can always modify it.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

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Take a Chef brings a unique culinary experience to the comfort of your home, we try that your experience is always personalized, the only thing you have to do is press the start button and you are one step closer to having your private chef

A Private Chef experience in Lancaster

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

We really enjoyed our meal from Chef Kim! It was so delicious and he was very friendly. We will try and book him again when we are in the area. Thanks Chef Kim!

Kathryn Delea - Feb 27 2022

5/ 5

I have been a restaurateur for 25+ years but did not want to use one of my chefs. It was a risk well taken. Matthew is a fine chef. His food knowledge, enthusiasm and taste was out of this world. I had 10 foodies at my home for a Surprise Bday party. I think I was the most surprised at what a fine meal we had. Many of the guests commented that it was one of the best meals they have ever had anywhere. Matt took the time to build a menu that suited the crowd. He also took the time to meet up. He stayed in touch prior to the evening to coordinate details of our night. We even all made gnocchi with him. (a special cooking class treat) I I would like to tell you about my favorite course but literally every course was better than the next; ending with the belle noir dessert which I can still taste. I will use this service again and hope that Matt will be available.

Debbi Singer - Feb 25 2019

5/ 5

We had the BEST experience with Chef Rodolfo! He was great with communication and expectations up front. We were staying at an airbnb in which the kitchen posed a few problems but he came right in and was able to adapt quickly. All 4 dishes were incredible and we enjoyed his company and conversation through out the meal. It was an intimate setting and just what we were looking for.

Hannah Mount - Nov 03 2020

5/ 5

Chef Kevin is a wonderful and talented chef. Chef Kevin's passion for cooking was seen throughout each course and throughout the cooking process. He was absolutely wonderful and the service was flawless. Each dish was discussed and agreed upon, the ingredients and flavors were outstanding and it was just a 5 plus star experience. You will love Chef Kevin's eye for detail, the flavors, and the individual attention he lavishes upon your party. Chef Kevin responded promptly to my emails/texts and I even got a special face time with him the day before where he showed me the dishes he was cooking! Chef Kevin was also willing to change the location at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances; luckily we did not have to do so, but his willingness to be flexible and his compassion in that circumstance was authentic and so appreciated. Chef Kevin cares about delivering the very best experience and food for his guests. And the kitchen was left spotless!

Tessa King - Mar 22 2021

5/ 5

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