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Sharing the art of eating well is my greatest passion.

Emily’s interest in cooking began in her southern family kitchen, helping her vegetarian mom cook for a family of omnivores. She learned how to make heavy, southern foods lighter and healthier by using fresh vegetables from the garden and adding richness through flavor instead of fat. She attended college in France, where the aromas of freshly baked bread and pastries seeped into her apartment from the bakery next door. There, she learned how to seek out the highest quality ingredients so she could take pride in the food she prepared as well learning to take the time to savor such delicacies. Returning to the states, she worked in several bakeries, from bread baker to head pastry chef in Jackson, WY at a large organic restaurant.

Her skills were challenged even more when she took a job as an outdoor guide in the Southwest, cooking for her French clients in the woods, using only a camp stove and a cooler. While always leaning towards working with health conscious cuisine, she has intermingled in the back and front of house in restaurants. These experiences have given her the sense of the real effort it takes to make the whole system work.

When the opportunity came to move to Hawaii, she jumped on it, finding a chef’s dream being on the “Garden Isle”, with its abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Continuing to create relationships with local vendors, gardeners, fisherman, and butchers lends her an upper hand when it comes to finding the best seasonal products to use for her clients.

Emily uses her diverse kitchen experience along with love of unique products to get her guests excited about trying new foods. Balancing decadence with simple, clean eating is her specialty. As for her beliefs, she considers the food we consume is the origin of health, thus upholding her saying, “Health is Wealth”.

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