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When Noah was growing up, his parents owned a restaurant. It was a just small breakfast and lunch place on the coast of Oregon, but it was where he spent his afternoons after school.

His parents worked from 4 AM to 7 PM; long and tiring hours to be sure. It was the nature of the job, yet they always had time and energy to make good food for their three kids at home.

Noah started his culinary career at age 4, creating what he believed to be a mushroom soup. It consisted of water, flour, mushrooms, milk and salt. Since then, his palate an understanding of food has advanced (Thank goodness), but his curiosity and creativeness remain the same.

Working at a small restaurant on the Ashland plaza helped him learn an appreciation for professional kitchens, and it planted a seed in his mind: He was going to culinary school.

In 2015, Noah packed up his things and traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, where he enrolled at Johnson and Wales University. Johnson and Wales is primarily a culinary arts school, and as a result, they teach all new students an appreciation and respect for the “basics first” principle.

After two years of in-class training, Noah took an internship at Birch restaurant in Providence. There, he was taught to treat his ingredients with care. Ingredients were his tools, and must be afforded the same level of attention and respect.

Noah has carried these lessons and applied them to his own private practice, both expanding and focusing his attention and passions, and refining his skills.

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